Art, in all of the forms it takes, is often defined as an expression of human creativity that is able to successfully transcend the cultural barriers humankind has put in place around eachother. For instance, many will point to this:


as being a cornerstone example of art we consider to be so beautiful and mystifying that it acts as a universal language. However, this oil on poplar has a bit of competition.

We here at The Frying Pan believe music to be the truest and most whole communicator of human spirit and emotion- and one that is the most successful in going beyond silly things like language, zeitgeist and culture. Through music one is able to learn more about individuals half the world over. I mean, would many foreigners have gained such a deep connection with 1940s Cuba if Buena Vista Social Club hadn’t been such a spectacular and warm introduction for many of them? More importantly though, music is a guide to introspection and retrospection- a conduit for one to learn as much about themselves as they do others. My Bloody Valentine’s 1991 album Loveless was an album that clearly spoke to many individuals through it’s walls of hypnotic sounds. Would Kevin Shields’ messages been conveyed to these same individuals just as well if he simply did a reading of his song lyrics? Personally, I doubt it.

We love music as much as you do. I mean, this whole site was designed around the stuff. That’s why we want to talk about it.

The Frying Pan separates it’s music section into three separate categories:


Reviews are pretty self-explanatory. A writer from The Frying Pan explains a release to you, the reader, to the best of their ability. Reviews have no particular set schedule for release, but we can guarantee at least one review per week written by a Frying Pan author exclusively for the site.

A Word With: is our series of short-form interviews with often small-time musicians and creators.

Editorials are original op-eds written by Frying Pan staff. They can range to weekly affairs (such as the Weekly Metal Roundups by our very own Khaliq Jordan) to simple and plain opinion pieces that come straight from the hearts of our authors. We guarantee that quality control measures, just like those taken in relation to all of our other works on the site, will be taken for the editorials. You’ll get opinions, but we’ll also give you a healthy dose of facts.

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Now that you know you know your way around the place a bit more, we here at The Frying Pan wish you a good day and happy browsing!

– The Frying Pan team