Thatcher Dickason


Thatcher is the founder and lead editor of The Frying Pan, a music blog that he launched in late October of 2015. He is a fanatic consumer of music, and has been ever since he started collecting physical music when he was around twelve/thirteen years of age. He was raised in a very music-oriented house, with his father being a multi-instrumentalist with a taste for golden age-era jazz and his brother a bass guitarist at an early age. This inspired him to not only collect music, but to also pick up an instrument himself when he started playing the drums. He has always had a burning passion for writing in every sense, and at fourteen/fifteen thought to combine the two and began participating on music sites where user reviews were collected into aggregate ratings for different albums. Eventually this enjoyment he found in writing music reviews culminated in The Frying Pan, where he proudly posts his ideas and discoveries through articles like paint on a canvas.

Articles written by Thatcher: