Khaliq Jordan


Khaliq is an editor, writer, and mastermind behind the Weekly Metal Roundup series for The Frying Pan. Khaliq grew up surrounded by rock and metal music, and many of his favorite bands today are among those that he loved as a kid. However, it wasn’t until he got into Rush that music became a primary passion in his life, and his search for new music began. He got his start writing in 2014 alongside his lifelong friend Thatcher, and over time eventually found his style of writing music reviews. While Khaliq is a fan of a wide variety of music, metal remains his favorite genre. He is also a musician himself, his main instrument being bass, though he also plays a bit of guitar and used to play bagpipes. Music is one of the most important things in his life, and he happens to love writing about it as well.

Articles written by Khaliq: