The “power trio” is a musical formula that has blossomed in rock and has been the structure for numerous amazing acts over the decades- The Police, Nirvana, Hüsker Dü, etc.

Now, a trio of seasoned Brits calling themselves Toronto Blessings join the fray as a band that, by their own words, pumps out “a generous amount of noise mixed with a helping of hooks”.

Toronto Blessings

Stemming from their previously dissolved band Cavorts, a four-piece act formed in 2012, the members of Toronto Blessings sought greener pastures than those offered to them by the hardcore scene. Thus, they debuted anew with their single ‘Sorrow Can Wait’ via Bandcamp on August 23, 2017, touting a new and improved sound that mixed alt rock, hard rock, and inflections of 80’s new wave. Insofar, the band has released a second single, ‘Give Nothing’, in May of 2018.

Read the interview of the band below:

TFP: Who are you?

TB: We’re Toronto Blessings, a noisy, angular, mind-altering three-piece band. We’re made up of Rik (vocals/bass), Dale (vocals/guitar), and Murray (vocals/drums).

Toronto Blessings is a very new band, but we have been in bands together for a long time now; we’ve known each other since we were youngsters. Before this band the three of us were in Cavorts. We had an album out on In At the Deep End in the UK, and Distort in Canada. Before that we were in UK rock outfit GU Medicine but those times were so boozy we can scantly remember.

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing musical instruments, guitar and hat
Toronto Blessings performing at the Beavertown Brewery in February, 2018.

TFP: How would you describe the music you play?

TB: Noisy, catchy, intense, and spacious. We’re a noisy rock band who incorporate elements of synth and spacious new wave style sections. We’re like the bastard lovechild of The Rentals, Pissed Jeans and Fotocrime.

You can dance to our music and it would be lovely if you did.

Musically we’re just trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Reaching for the perfect riff or perfect feel to a song. Something that will communicate a vibe, an emotion. Lyrically, we’re trying to make sense of how the world is falling apart.

TFP: What artists/public figures/individuals would you say have been influential to you and your music?

TB: Our all time musical hero is Lemmy. We’re not much like Motörhead in terms of sound but Lemmy was the zenith of “rock-‘n’-roll cool”. That dude did not give a fuck- he told it like he saw it. But on the flip side of that coin he was a gentleman and a scholar. The world is a much poorer place because there’s no Lemmy Kilmister in it.

TFP: Which would you say is more comfortable for you, playing in-studio or live? Any good examples of either?

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor
In the studio.

TB: We haven’t played too much live stuff with Toronto Blessings or recorded much as of yet. We’re pretty comfortable in either of those settings. Both are different beasts all together.  I can tell you about our latest recording we did for ‘Give Nothing’, which was a great experience. We recorded it with our good friend Jason Sanderson. He’s a real good friend, an amazing engineer and managed to capture exactly the sounds we wanted. We had a strict time frame to record, but we still made time to experiment with sounds and cool recording techniques. We recorded in an old Victorian school building where there are big halls and the natural reverb in there sounds incredible. You can hear this on the drum track. That’s all natural ambiance, no reverb added at all. The Vocal effects were created by playing the vocal take through a guitar amp, cab and my pedal board and recording the resulting sounds in another big empty room. Loads of fun!

TFP: What are your upcoming plans for the future?

TB: We released our latest single ‘Give Nothing’ on the 11th of May, which has a mind bending crazy video to go with it done by our good buddy Giannis Kipreos, who we’ve worked with before on a couple of videos.

We’ve got a few local festival shows coming up including Tramlines in Sheffield and we’re looking to record an album or several EPs as soon as possible. We just want to get out and play live as much as possible, So hopefully a tour and weekenders to fill the rest of the year.

Toronto Blessings’ Bandcamp: https://torontoblessings.bandcamp.com/
The band’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TorontoBlessings/

The Frying Pan, 2018


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